It’s like coupon roulette

By Mir
March 30, 2010

Did you know that the “coupon book” in the middle of your Amazon Grocery Page isn’t static? That is to say, if you load that page and none of the coupons appeal to you, refreshing will bring up different coupons!

I refreshed three or four times today, for example, because it offered me a coupon for $3 off of Align Probiotics (which is actually something we use, and is pretty pricey). It turns out that right now the Align 28-count box is already marked down, plus it drops to just $16.95 when you buy via Subscribe & Save, plus I now get $3 off thanks to my coupon.

Total cost from Amazon: $13.95 to my door.
Total cost from my local grocery store: $28, plus I have to drive there and probably listen to either a long story about Bakugan or some involved he-likes-her-but-she-likes-this-other-guy story. I’d say my choice is pretty clear.

Remember, if you don’t see coupons you like, refresh, refresh again!


  1. I just refreshed several times and each coupon set included something from this group: menstrual products, home pregnancy test, diapers.

    I’m not sure I like the message that Amazon is sending me. 😉

  2. It’s ok Jess, mine were deodorants, mouthwash and Metamucil. Not sure I like that message either!! 🙂

  3. Can you find me some cheap deals on Bakugan? Noah is crazy obsessed, and those suckers are expensive!

    (BTW, did you know that on the Wii Bakugan game, you cannot create yourself as a female player? You can play one of the existing female characters, but if you want to play as “yourself” you can only be male.)

    (Also, apropos given that it is Holy Week, my BFF calls Bakugan “evil Easter eggs,” what with being tiny and filled with painful-to-step-on surprises.)

  4. LOL….I think Amazon is telling me I need to clean my house…how do they know?

  5. I just keep refreshing for the fun of it. I too got the time to clean your house AND yourself message.

  6. I feel like a stalker writing this, but I know that you have a gluten-free household and I came across this person who has TONS of gluten-free recipes.

  7. I, too, need to clean my house and have a baby, and I must stink really, really bad because I need bodywash, soap, *and* clinical strength deodorant! 😉

  8. @Liza: Do you have Kohl’s near you? We have found piles of the Season 2 Bakugan on super-clearance (we bought a pack of three on Saturday for $3.99).

    It is not on the website, just at their stores.

  9. ebay is also another score for the older bakugan. especially if your kiddo doesn’t care if they have been opened. the easter bunny scored a bundle of 6 for less than $7 a couple weeks ago (including shipping). look for bulk or lot bakugan and avoid the obvious resellers who are trying to make a buck off the craze.

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