On a beachy chair built for two

By Mir
March 30, 2010

It’s true that I’m dreaming of lazy summer days, but even given my bias, I’m pretty sure there’s no denying the utter cuteness (not to mention utilitarianism) of this beach chair and umbrella set for two at Brylane Home. It’s two chairs, a cooler/tabletop, and an umbrella to keep you cool, and it’s marked down to just $40. Add coupon code BHKPX20 for an additional 20% off to get another $8 taken off, which nearly handles the shipping ($9).

I’m thinking that’d be a mighty nice Father’s Day gift. Or a mighty nice “despite these crazy children surrounding us and demanding food, clothing, shelter, and attention, you’re still the only one I want to sit with” gift.


  1. Got it! That’s perfect for Father’s Day (assuming it is, in fact, beach weather here in Chicago by June …). Thanks for the tip!

  2. Where do you put the coupon code? The only place on the checkout form I can find anything is for Gift Certificates and it claims the gift certificate code is invalid. I can’t find a coupon code location to save my life!

  3. BHFCAT25 takes off 25%

  4. BHK30PX takes off 30%

  5. and BHWEBFS gives you free shipping

  6. Girls, I just ordered and then clicked back here! AHHHGGGHHGGG!!!!! I guess I should have waited a little bit longer. I guess I’ll just have to pay more.

  7. GAH, I’m in Kristina’s boat! I just e-mailed them to see if they will adjust my purchase price.

  8. Just reporting back to say that their CS rep did indeed let me have the 30% off. The code for free shipping couldn’t be combined, though. Still, very nice!

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