Light up the night, a little or a lot

By Mir
March 31, 2010

I grew up with these cool emergency lights in our house; they were plug-in nightlights that essentially turned into flashlights whenever the power went out or you unplugged them. Handy to have around in the event of an emergency, or—if you were me—very handy to have so as to read a book after bedtime. (Sorry, Mom!)

As an adult I have tried to find something similar on the cheap for years; every inexpensive no-name brand I’ve tried has died within weeks and been useless. But today has the Energizer Light on Demand Center for just $9 shipped, and it’s a trusted name and a decent price. (Comparison: Though it’s currently defaulting to the option, Amazon’s regular price is $28.)

Plug it in, and it’s a regular darkness-sensing nightlight. Lose power, and it turns into an area light. Lift out the “stick” and you’ve got a long-life flashlight.

I’d say that’s perfect for keeping monsters away and finishing that book after hours.


  1. Whoa, but almost $7 for shipping? Dude.

  2. Oh wait, just kidding, that’s on Amazon. Nothing to see here, move along…

  3. I got mine- SUPER fast shipping! They plug in differently than I expected though. I thought the unit plugged directly into the wall, but it has an ac plug and tje light itself sits on a tabletop. That’s not going to work in my bathrooms!

    The booklet that came with these shows a model like I was expecting…but doesn’t carry that one. So I’ve got some returning and research to do!

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