Insert “Tool Time” grunting here

By Mir
April 6, 2010

All I can think of with this one is Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor making that weird little grunting noise he always did when a particular tool was super-macho. (Please tell me you remember that show, and it’s not just me.)

Anyway, the current Amazon Lightning Deal is a Superwinch LT2000 Series Master Winch for $58 shipped (half off). This means absolutely nothing to me, other than that it seems like the kind of “toy” most men would find terribly useful for… stuff. And things. And pulling stuff and things. Of course.

Me, I only require a winch for getting into my skinny jeans. I don’t think they sell that kind at Amazon.


  1. Ok, I was actually grunting when I read this… too funny.

  2. A what? A superwench…oh, winch. Never mind.

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