Moo! I mean, baa!

By Mir
April 7, 2010

Want some free goat cheese? (I try not to think too hard about where it comes from….) Just go join the “for the love of goat cheese” club and get a coupon for free Chavrie. Yummy!


  1. I like the goat cheese, but do not have a current UPC code from a Chavrie package (mandatory) to give them, as I usually buy from our local goat cheese farm!

  2. Guess I have to go out & buy some Chavrie to get some for free!

  3. I do have some Chavrie in the fridge, so my coupon is whisking its way to my house!

  4. Same here, Brigitte. Bummer.

  5. I guess you could just get the UPC code off a package at the store and use it… just a suggestion.

  6. Hint: If you google chavrie + UPC you’ll find one. I did!

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