Take your games on the road

By Mir
April 7, 2010

I sort of love this for the geek gamer on the go—if you need a way to move your XBox, PlayStation, or Wii here and there easily, why not pick up this Atlantic Gaming Backpack for just $10 shipped?

It not only gives you a safe way to pack up the console, necessary cords and controllers, and games in one sleek, easy-to-carry protective bag, once you get wherever you’re going, you can use it right in the bag without having to unpack it. Pretty handy.

Of course, I saw this as the person who schlepped the Wii on vacation and always seemed to be packing it at the very bottom of a box of other stuff. So it’s possible I’m just packing impaired.


  1. I once tried to clear TSA security in DC with a Wii, laptop, and two VOIP phones all packed into my son’s roll-aboard suitcase. “Don’t ever do this again,” warned the TSA agent as she released us from the search area. And I thought I’d done them a favor by putting all the electronics together so they’d only have to search one bag!

  2. To Summer –

    You must unpack laptops and things of that nature when you go through security.

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