Dieters, look away

By Mir
April 8, 2010

I feel a little evil posting this, but not, you know, evil enough not to do it. Ahem.

Guess what’s on Manager’s Special at Amazon right now? If you answered a ton of chocolate (hello, after-Easter sale!), you’re correct. Cheap chocolate even cheaper. Expensive chocolate now cheap. Heck, they’ve even got those Endangered Species chocolates which are good for the environment and also really, really tasty. It’s all there.

And I think I just drooled on some of it. Whoops.

Anyway, I am of course being virtuous and sugar-free and not ordering any for myself. But, uh, I am going to need some teacher gifts in about a month….


  1. Thanks Mir! This sale is perfect for the chocolate bar I was planning for my husband’s graduation party next month. Now I’ve done one thing in preparation for the party…

  2. Could the chocolate covered coffee beans somehow be construed as health food? I’m trying to justify it.

  3. I hate chocolate. Do they have any other candy? Like gummies or twizzlers? or maybe angel food cake mix? I know that one was a little far fetched. But you started it with the sweets blog. SO now I’m craving sweets.

  4. NuGo bars! YUM!!

  5. So, I went ahead and picked up some NuGo bars to have when it’s our turn to bring snacks for soccer – I HATE when they bring donuts as a snack!! Of course, had to pick up some mocha ones for me 🙂 AND since I was slightly under the $25 for free shipping I finally bit the bullet and purchased some Designer Whey (which I’ve been meaning to do forever) for our morning smoothies – already using your green method 🙂

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