I’m drinking it right now

By Mir
April 15, 2010

I know you’re tired of hearing me talk about this—“That Mir, she must be a protein shake addict or something!”—but you know that every time the Designer Why Vanilla Protein Powder gets marked down at Amazon, I pick up another container. My kids (and often I) drink it in fruit smoothies every morning, and I love that we’re getting that extra protein boost without any nasty chemicals.

Of course, without my Prime trial (alas!) I’ll have to buy two jugs today to get free shipping, but at $17.28 for two pounds, I’d probably do that, anyway.

Bottoms up!


  1. Mir, we’ve got food allergies here but I am super interested in this product. I’ve looked online but have been unable to verify the ingredient or processing. Would you mind sharing what your bottle says? We are allergic to: P, T, E, & Sesame.

  2. Thanks Mir! I added it to my cart and voila! They offered me another trial of Prime:) So I’ll get it Saturday.

    You Rock!

  3. I love it when you let us know of sales. I just placed an order for this protein powder, and it was even lower than your price … $16.93. Don’t know how I got so special.

  4. Thanks Mir. We got this last time you mentioned it and we all love it! I ordered two also.

    Elizabeth, I am not sure what P,T, and E are, but there is no sesame in it.

  5. Hey Mir–OT, but your posts have inspired me to start introducing smoothies into the toddler’s meal routine and I was wondering if there were some blenders you could recommend? Want to be well informed before taking the plunge–thanks!!

  6. Well, Annette, you are special because your name is Annette, of course!

  7. my daughters have been very fussy about protein powder, but this one is amazing! I love that they list it being gluten-free right on the front of the label, too. 🙂

    Thank you so much for this tip!

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