Back-up batteries

By Mir
April 19, 2010

We are slowly making the switch to rechargeable batteries, here, but of course we keep alkalines around because sometimes your batteries are out of charge and you need to play Mario Kart do something very important and life-altering with AA batteries right now. And then I swear to buy extra rechargeables and I never do.

Well, right now Amazon is offering an 8-pack of Sanyo Eneloop AA batteries for under $20 (Prime and Free Super Saver Shipping eligible). That’s the cheapest I’ve seen them go, and because Eneloops are arguably the gold standard of rechargeables—they have “very slow self discharge” which means even if you charged them last year and stuck them in a drawer, they’re probably still mostly charged—you’re likely to always have batteries at the ready when you need ’em.

For those important, life-altering tasks. Of course.


  1. The eneloop power pack kit is also on sale for $31.19 with free shipping – this is a great starter kit since it also has the C and D adapters included.

  2. We have these batteries in our Wii remotes. It takes them a long time to run out of juice. And a good bargain, too!

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