All-organic lollies, all-bargain yum

By Mir
April 20, 2010

Don’t make me wax rhapsodic about this candy again—you know how I get when talking about lollipops that are good enough for Mom to be sneaking out of the container on the sly. Ahem. But Amazon has brought back another great deal on Yummy Earth candies and I just can’t help being a little excited.

For my money, the best deal is the 5-pound bag of pops, because—between 20% off coupon code YUMET924 and buying via Subscribe & Save—it ends up being just over $13 to your door, and that is a lot of lollipops. (I’ve bought that bag before and then divvied it up for teachers in smaller, prettier bags to give out to the kids at school.) But you can stack those savings on any of the five pages of eligible products, so if the hot chili pops or the ginger zest pops (those are great for morning sickness, by the way) are more your style, knock yourself out.

I just love this brand, and I love that there can be delicious, Jolly Rancher-like candy that isn’t full of artificial colors and chemicals.

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  1. Any chili-lime chicken pops? Hee, I was just thinking of the oddest lollipop I ever tasted, found it at a little Mexican grocery store/restaurant . . in CT!

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