Flip alternative, with a bonus

By Mir
April 26, 2010

I pretty much pink puffy heart my Flip camcorder for anything I might want to do (which is pretty much just record blackmail material on my kids, or capture the dog eating an apple core), but recently my husband the photographer has started raving about the Kodak zi8 and its waterproof cousin, the PlaySport. They’re similarly pocket-sized HD camcorders that are a snap to use.

If you’d like to come on over to the Kodak dark side (oh, it’s not really dark here, I just like to tease my husband), right now Amazon is running a PlaySport special: Buy a PlaySport HD and get an 8GB memory card for free.

Now, the regular price on the PlaySport is about $149. If you want the blue or the purple, that’s what you’ll pay, and then get the memory card as your bonus. But if you don’t mind the black, it’s on sale for just $130, with the memory card on top of that, making it a pretty sweet deal.

Mother’s and Father’s Days are coming up, people. Just sayin’.


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