Hey Verizon, this is Incredible

By Mir
April 29, 2010

Y’all know I’m a total Mac fangirl, and so I’ll just be over here cradling my (first generation, because I’m cheap) iPhone, but for those of you drooling over the new Droid Incredible, I have some great news.

Amazon is selling the Incredible for $99 with a qualifying Verizon service plan. (It should work either as a new plan sign-up or as a contract extension on an existing plan.)

Guess what Verizon is selling them for. Go on, guess! If you guessed $200, you are correct and win a sense of righteous indignation! Oh, Verizon. Shame on you.

If you want one, go tell Amazon you can hear them now. Heh.


  1. But when something is wrong with the phone you have to send it back to Amazon or pay to have your numbers from your old phone transferred.
    You can buy almost anything “cheap” online, but you pay for it in the long run!

  2. I am in a 2 year contract , can I buy the phone for $ 99
    and sign a new contract or extend my current one? Would
    verizon tell me that?

  3. I know nothing about Verizon, but I’ve had some luck bringing in online ads and getting my provider to match the deal…would be worth a shot.

  4. Interesting – I was just curious about the options it would give with contracts and such, but it tells me the phone is not available in my zip code, and all surrounding ones, because service is not available. The reason this is interesting is that I have Verizon right now!

  5. I checked on the extension, and it’s $199. So looks like they’re doing the same thing they always do & making it more expensive for existing customers. But if it’s a new line of svc, it is def cheaper.

  6. I love my Droid. I went in looking for a blackberry, but the Droid was the only smart phone that worked with my hearing aids. 🙂 Darn.

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