Need a DS deal?

By Mir
May 10, 2010

Remember when the Nintendo DSi was coming out, and everyone was ready for the DS to drop in price? Except that… it never did, probably because the DSi cost so much, plenty of people were happy just to stick with the original DS. And now there’s the DSXL, so I’m still waiting for the DS to drop in price, but it doesn’t seem to be happening quite yet. I am beginning to suspect Nintendo of being run by Borg-like creatures who are slowly taking over our children’s brains, convincing them they cannot live without video games. (Just kidding, Nintendo. Please don’t sue me.)

Anyway. All of that is to say that this is the best DS deal I’ve seen, even with all of the new stuff floating around: Right now Amazon has the Nintendo DS Lite available in either Cobalt or Metallic Rose for just $115—$15 off the regular price—and it comes with a $30 video game credit, too. So you’re essentially getting your DS for $85, which is pretty sweet.

If the Borg has convinced your kid he needs the DSi or DSXL, though, I’m afraid I can’t help you.


  1. It seems to be gone now.

  2. I’m only seeing $129.99. poop.

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