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By Mir
May 17, 2010

I, of course, was just soothing my bad day with shoes. Naturally. But somehow I happened to surf on over to this restaurant-quality Margaritaville frozen drink machine at Amazon and looky here, it’s down to $160, which—if I’m not mistaken—is the lowest it’s ever been at Amazon.

This isn’t something you pick up on a lark, of course, or unless you see a need for many margaritas in your future, but it gets fantastic reviews and if you were already in the market for one….

Also, I am available for parties. Not to put them on, just to come to your house and drink margaritas when you have a party. Just let me know.


  1. I’m not willing to spend that kind of jack on a blender but I AM willing to host the margarita party. Quacamole and fresh tortilla chips included.

  2. So when we moved into the new house my mom was like – I sent you a housewarming gift, something you can use, and I was like ‘a margarita machine’. No sadly, it was more crock pots. Not that crockpots aren’t useful and all, but … I already have two of those. Didn’t really need the Trio which now takes up huge amounts of space. Maybe she’ll take the hint for my birthday?

  3. While it won’t provide the necessary volume for a margarita party, THE best way to make a home margarita is to use your home ice cream maker, the kind with the frozen liner (made by Cuisinart and others). A REAL frozen margarita comes out of a slurpee machine, and the ice cream maker does that perfectly. Just pre-chill everything first.

    However, the gizmo above looks pretty kewl, especially if you need VOLUME.

  4. OH, BB! Please share your recipe for making them in your ice cream maker! Brilliant!

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