In stock and ready to save summer

By Mir
May 20, 2010

I know, I know… everyone has a Wii already. Except, some of you don’t, and maybe you’ve been thinking about it but not really sure.

May I just say three words to those of you on the fence? Here they are: Rainy summer day. (I’m just trying to help!)

If you’re in the market, there’s good news—not only does Amazon have Wii Consoles in stock for the low price of just $180 (remember when $240 was the price, period?), they’ve also got the Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board in stock (though that one’s still $100, it’s been kind of hard to find).

One needn’t spend quite this much to quell the “Mom, I’m bored!” battle cry, of course, but if you were planning to get one anyway….


  1. Figures…. just when we decided to succumb to crack… er.. I mean MarioKart on Wii.. noone has IT on sale. And to think i scoffed those sales you posted before….

  2. Okay, my guess is I’m completely wrong, but wasn’t your old slogan ‘having it all for less’ instead of ‘with less?’ For some reason that just read wrong to me this morning, but I haven’t had coffee yet….

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