It’s like they’re mocking me, now

By Mir
June 1, 2010

Remember when the price for a Wii console was $249, no matter where you bought it? Remember that?

And then eventually it came down to $200, and I shook my fist at the heavens, because you know how I hate it when I miss a deal. (And in case I never told you the story, I bought my kids a Wii back when they were not only expensive, but hard to find, and I bought it in the summer to save for a Christmas present, and I was so excited to finally be able to be the fun parent for the holidays, for a change, and then my kid won a Wii at school. Hmph.) (I auctioned off the other Wii and donated the money to the school. But still—hero moment, ruined forever. Sigh.)


All of this is to say that right now Amazon has the Wii for just $150 shipped!

Are they trying to make me cry?


  1. if you’re crying, you’re not alone because i’m crying with you. i killed myself to get it that first year it was out for Christmas, too…. bah!

  2. Man, if they’d throw a free LCD tv in the deal I’d be all over it! I want a Wii so bad but haven’t justified buying a tv. Anyone know if you can plug these into a computer monitor?

  3. I would be all over the wii fit plus to drop in price by $50. When is that sucker going to go down!!!

  4. Angela, I’m right there with you! I would love to use a Wii and Wii Fit, but first I need to buy a TV! They totally need to come up with some sort of converter to allow use on the computer.

  5. Okay, Mir. In this situation you have to ask yourself – did I get (difference in price, in this case $100) worth of enjoyment out of the (item, in this case a Wii) since you got it? My guess is a resounding YES. It’s nice to get the deal, but when you think about how much it costs to take four people to a matinee movie, get a drink and share a popcorn? $100 for all those hours spent playing Wii together as a family is about two trips to the movies where you don’t talk to one another for a couple hours.

    I can justify just about anything. Perhaps I should go back to school and become a lawyer! Perhaps not. 😉

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