Baseball, apple pie, and jellybeans

By Mir
June 23, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Why yes, I will seize any excuse to buy candy, even if it’s something as important as the 4th of July. (God bless America! Pass the sugar!) For the new few days at Jelly Belly, you can get 4 bags of Belly Flops for $17.76 (get it, 1776? for the 4th?). Just use coupon code FREEDOM.

Belly Flops are, of course, regular Jelly Belly beans that didn’t quite measure up to their regular quality standards. They’re usually shaped a little funny, but they taste just fine. And really, do you care about the shape of the candy you’re going to pop into your mouth?


  1. that’s a really good price

  2. I saw that this morning and thought, “Mir is going to be all over that deal!” and lo, tis true. and really, buying candy is our patriotic duty!

  3. Wow…sounds like a great deal, but $11 shipping to my house doesn’t make it work well for me.

  4. Too bad shipping is $9+. That stinks.

  5. Now that’s my Flavor of savings! 🙂 Love Jelly Flops! Especially the pear flavored…yummo!!

  6. Just FYI, shipping is free on $50+ and I think it calculates it based upon the pre-coupon price, so if you wanted this deal I believe you’d only have to add about $15 more of product to your cart to get it all shipped for free.

  7. Makes me wish we weren’t food dye free at our house…oh well, eat some for me!

  8. Sorry, can’t believe you would spend $18 on sugar!

  9. I love jelly bellys and even with $13.94 shipping (!) they still come out cheaper by the pound than in stores, but I just can’t do it. Really, that’s the best they can do on shipping?
    Not your fault, Mir, and I’m grateful for the notification of the deal, but I had to put in my 2 cents too.

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