Friday comes in on broken mouse feet (foot?)

By Mir
June 25, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

My poor computer is ill. We are off to the Genius Bar to get the mouse button and track pad looked at it, because—and this is the technical word for it—it appears to be busted. What a sad way to kick off my weekend, alas!

Before I go, though, here’s a few deals to keep you busy.

There’s a nice crop of discounts at today, including another shot at Laura Ashley dresses for the girls for under $10, Stride Rites for under $25, and Privos for under $20.

If 6pm doesn’t have the shoes you need, Piperlime is having a “tag sale,” with discounts of up to 40% off. Free shipping and free returns, as always.

Have you checked your coupons lately? There’s just a few more days left to take advantage of the free shipping on your $25 order and a free $25 certificate, if you haven’t done that promotion yet.

Running low on vitamins or supplements? The buy 1, get 2 free (or buy 2, get 4 free) sale is in full force over at Puritan’s Pride, so it’s a good time to stock up there.

Yum, a whole slew of Annie’s Homegrown products are on special in the Amazon Grocery section; on top of existing markdowns, use coupon code ANNIE736 for another 10% off, and then buy via Subscribe & Save for free shipping and another 15% off. This is a great opportunity to stock up on snacks for the kids.

Also at Amazon, the Friday Sale has a few new additions today. For example, they have a couple of thinkThin bar variety packs on sale, if you like those. And if you love Nutella (really, who doesn’t love Nutella?), they have a 5-pack of Nutella for $15.50.

One last thing—did my cruise experience make you want to learn more? You can hear more about it from me on this week’s Mail Buoy Podcast, and Patricia has graciously extended a special offer to Want Not readers, too: Contact her by July 9th just to start talking about booking a cruise (you don’t have to book by then, just contact her by then), and she’ll offer special savings to you or your group when you finally do book. (Details on the podcast, and I will try to remember to remind you again before the deadline, too.)

Alright, I’m off to get my poor computer fixed, but will possibly be back later if the Genius folks work fast. You try to stay out of trouble while I’m gone.


  1. I love getting in on the Annie’s deal. My children think Mac n Cheese is a food group unto itself! I bought a case (12 boxes) of the reduced sodium mac n cheese for $16.01 shipped. I can’t even find that around here to buy and it would be way more than $1.33 per box if I could. Thanks!

  2. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news– the new IPhone just came out and the Apple Store may be even more crowded than usual.

  3. You’re going to the apple store today…???? ha ha ha…want us to send a search party if we don’t hear from you by…Monday or so??

  4. Now.. I dont know what its like to depend on my computer for my livelihood… but I DO know one could not pay me enough to brave an Apple store today…. or for like the next week or so.
    On the bright side… maybe you will come home with something New and Shiny……..

  5. I’m already talking to Patricia about a cruise — here’s hoping I’ll be included in the savings.

  6. Psssst… I’m at the Apple Store right now, and while there’s a line, it’s not too bad and people are very calm and jovial. My laptop was Genius-fixed in under 5 minutes, and now we’re in line for phones.

    I want to blame my husband. But really, my 1st-gen refurb iPhone lived a good long life. 😉

  7. Two questions Mir:

    1.) I kind of hate boats. I have a phobia that they’re going to sink. I do get on them when the opportunities arise, for my kids to not have to miss out. I really don’t enjoy it though. Did being on the cruise ship feel like being on a boat at all, or were you able to forget that it was a boat and pretend you were in a hotel?

    2.) When they talk about prices per person on the cruises, does that include kids? If so, I think that will be the final axe on us not going. Even for good rates, having to multiply it by 6 people would end up being A LOT of $$$.

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