Travel squabble-free

By Mir
July 1, 2010

I love our portable DVD player so much, I wrote a haiku:
Oh, movies to go!
You make long trips much better.
Siblings; silence. Wow.

(Do you like it? Me professional writer person.)

Anyway, if you have not yet discovered the unparalleled joy that one of these babies can bring when enduring taking a long trip, head on over to the Target Daily Deals, where they’ve got a portable DVD player for $49.99 and free shipping. Of course, activating this here link will give you an additional $5 off of $50, but I’m not sure if Target will spot you that last penny and let it count on this player. You might want to test it out, though.

Oh, there’s some other Daily Deals, too. But the DVD player is the one most likely to grant familial harmony, I wager.


  1. Once again the free shipping is not working. I know I can call and they’ll make it right but this makes me nuts with the daily deal.

  2. My free shipping worked but unfortunately trying for the extra penny did not! Looking forward to this for our 8.5 hr drive in August.

  3. I hear the angels, too. Except… where is it? GAH!

  4. I searched for “portable DVD” and found it. One detail: it has no battery. So it’s fine if you’re only going to use it in the car, but if you hope to use it for air travel, it won’t work.

  5. I much prefer individual ipod touches loaded with old TV shows, movies, music and games. And earphones.

  6. EG,,,the description says a battery is included.

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