Hey, students! Free Prime!

By Mir
July 13, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I know we probably don’t have a ton of college students reading here, but for the few of you who are, your life is about to get a whole lot better.

Amazon is offering a free year of Prime to students. Really! You have to have a valid .edu address and be able to provide proof of enrollment. That’s it.

Clearly this is a hook to get you to buy your textbooks from them. But whatever; get your books, get your toothpaste, get whatever you need for an entire year, all with free 2-day shipping, or pay just $3.99 to get it overnight.

This is way better than a frat party.


  1. SCORE! I got it. Thank you so much, Mir!

  2. But you have the moms for college students, at least this mom. Thanks for the heads up, My son heads to college in September. I’ll be signing him up.

  3. So tempted to try it with my chicagobooth.edu address, even though I graduated from there 14 years ago. But I guess then taking Business Ethics would have been for naught.

  4. I know you wouldn’t, Mary Fran, but just a heads up for anyone else tempted to try it: They will ask for proof of enrollment at some point, and if you can’t provide it but have placed orders, you will be charged shipping retroactively. If ethics don’t stop you, fear of getting caught should. 😉

  5. Another mother of a college student — I’m sending this to her now. Thanks!

  6. Was very excited to see this, as I’m a grad student! I’m not 18, but I do have a really-for-true .edu address, and am a student, so I’ll be enjoying those savings now, thanks! 😀

    And what kind of proof will they require, I wonder?

  7. I’m a college student! Me! Me! I LOVE this; thanks so much! I already buy all my books from Amazon (used, thanks!) and this will make next year so much easier and cost-efficient. Keep up being awesome!

  8. I am a college student and faithfully read wantnot daily! Thanks mir!

  9. Another very happy grad student here!!

  10. I work for a university and thus have a valid .edu address. I am tempted to try it! I sent it to our student worker, and he signed up. He told me that they didn’t ask for any proof of enrollment…

  11. I have two in college! Score!

    What’s the protocol to cancel the subscription before they charge for the second year?


  12. Thanks! I will be passing thison to my daughter and I just signed up for myself!

  13. Count me as another grateful graduate student! Thank you!

  14. Mir, people should no longer say you are pretty. You are by far, the most beautiful and gorgeous woman I know! I have 1 more year until I finish my bachelor’s in accounting and then we can become a two-income household again. You are my hero!

  15. Anyone have any problems getting the verification email from Amazon? I have yet to receive anything and even clicked on the link to have them resend the confirmation email to me.

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