Home haircuts made easy

By Mir
July 22, 2010

I know I’ve sung the praises of home haircuts here before—personally, I find cutting everyone else’s hair in the family a great excuse for my rare but unfortunately all-too-expensive salon visits—but the most common objection I hear is “but I don’t know how.”

Look, I can’t even cut paper in a straight line, and I can do it. There are videos on YouTube and practice makes perfect and little kids are generally pretty forgiving. But if you’re still worried, check out today’s featured Daily Deal at Target. It’s a Philips Norelco kids’ clipper set for $20 shipped, including everything you need for easy kids’ haircuts. (For comparison: It’s currently $40 direct from Amazon, but get a load of all those positive reviews!) There’s scissors, a cape, a case for everything, and even an instructional DVD! Plus, these are the quietest clippers they make, so they’re gentle on even the littlest heads.

Use coupon code TOEY738U for an additional 10% off, too.


  1. Would they work on my husband’s head too or is there something significant about calling them “kid’s”?

  2. Coupon doesn’t seem to work for me, but still a great price.

  3. OK, Mir, I am trusting you. I bought it. What sold me was when you wrote “I can’t even cut paper in a straight line” because that is so me. But if I can save even $10 a month it will be worth it. I better go watch those videos.

  4. Hmmm, what do I use to search on You Tube? Norelco? When I use hair cut boy, I get scissor how to videos. Help.

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