Have kit, will click

By Mir
July 26, 2010

I know nothing about photography. This is because I’m married to a photographer, and I’m a big believer in playing to your strengths, in a relationship. If I leave the photography to him, everyone’s happy. (If I take my own pictures, he offers helpful criticism like, “You cut off the kids’ heads. Did you… do that on purpose?”)

Anyway, I share this because I saw today’s Amazon Gold Box Deal—a Kodak EasyShare Z915 10MP Digital Camera Kit—and immediately went to him to find out if this was a decent deal or not. I mean, it certainly looks like one; everything you need to start taking pictures, at under a hundred bucks, and decent reviews. But I figured I should consult the master.

He said (and I’m quoting here): “I don’t know anything about this particular camera, but Kodaks tend to be decent. For $100, it looks like a nice carry-around. And the 10x zoom is nice at that price point.” Translation: “For people who don’t have fancy cameras like mine, yes, that’s probably a good option.”

Make of this what you will. But for a fairly versatile point-and-shoot, cords, case, and rechargeable batteries, I’m thinking it’s a pretty good deal.


  1. i’ve had 3 kodaks over the course of my point and shoot camera life and love them, they are so easy to use right out of the box.

  2. Just out of curiosity….what does your husband shoot with? I’m getting my first SLR and I’m all of a sudden interested in what everybody else shoots with 🙂


  3. Oh forgot to add, my current camera is a Kodak P&S…and I love it, takes some amazingly great shots.

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