School snacks? Popped and ready.

By Mir
July 29, 2010

I’m thinking this one is going to sell out pretty quickly….

Right now Amazon has 24-packs of various flavor PopChips available for $20.40, which is hardly a deal. But: Subscribe & Save takes the price down 15%; code SNACKER6 takes the price down another 20%; and code POPC4BTS takes off another 15%. End result? 24 lunchbag-ready bags of a healthy potato chip alternative for under $.50/bag.

Yes, yes; I know. I buy the big bags and portion them out, to save money, too. But at this price, it’s as cheap as doing it myself. I’m stocking up.


  1. That’s a great one! Signed up for the BBQ. Sure hope they are totally “nut free” so they can be brought to school!

  2. I was all over that! So easy and the price is right. And see, Facebook is a good thing for my family! It hooked me up with this dealio. Mir, you are so special, and I thank you!

  3. can you cancel the subscribe and save right after the order goes through, or should you wait until it arrives? great deal, thanks!

  4. FYI for anyone considering these – they are VERY salty. Yes I know that chips are salty, but these seemed extra salty. I do like the salt & vinegar ones, though. I love vinegar. I should probably just sprinkle some vinegar on my tongue and save the calories.

  5. EG, I think the cheddar ones are insanely salty, but the BBQ are not so bad.

  6. I LOVE the BBQ ones.

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