I’ve got your back-up right here

By Mir
August 9, 2010

Still not backing up your computer, because you’ll “get to it later” or “it’s not that important?” Don’t risk your data; it only takes one crash to make you wish you’d taken a few minutes to back up those pictures of your kids, you know?

Today’s Amazon Gold Box Deal is on a 640 GB portable Toshiba drive, currently just $69 shipped. That’s about $25 off anywhere else, and even if you could put a price on peace of mind, this would be a bargain.

[Edited to add: oh, look! Now there’s a lightning deal on a 1 TB drive, too. Data storage for all!]


  1. Or… someone could STEAL your iBook and then you’ll be glad you had all that data backed up! In that case, head on over to Apple and buy a new one. Be aware of the educational discount, and if it applies to you, get a free iPod Touch while you’re at it. Also important: getting that new MacBook and iPod only slightly alleviates the angry eyes you’ve been making in regards to the thief.

  2. Listen to Mir. I’ve been through three HD crashes over the years. The first one was a three month old HD. I was able to retrieve the original data from my old computer, but I lost the three months that were on the new computer. After that experience I started backing up religiously, via a costly and slow tape backup system.

    With the second HD crash I was able to restore my system, but it took days to get everything back up and working. With my last crash, I was using a Mac, with the wonderful Time Machine. An hour after I had my computer back, my entire system was back up and running, and all I had to do was make a couple of clicks (“Do you want to restore from a Time Machine Backup?” “Why, yes, I believe I do.”). I’m so paranoid about backups, my most essential data — the stuff it would really hurt to lose, is also backed up in the cloud, via the free (2GB) Dropbox.

  3. Use code GXTPOFES to get the price of the 1TB drive down to $59

  4. Thanks for the extra code BLODGES! Glad I was able to snag one of these at a great price.

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