Still need a backpack?

By Mir
August 10, 2010

If you have older kids and need a sturdy backpack more than you need a super-cutesy backpack, check out today’s Daily Deals at Target for a JanSport spectacular. That page links to the SuperMax pack in black at $20 with free shipping, but if you do a quick search you’ll see that there’s a dozen different JanSport SuperMax packs available at that price (and they all ship for free). Coupon code TOEY738U is still working for 10% off, just to make it even sweeter. Hard to beat $18 shipped for a quality bag.

JanSports come with a lifetime guarantee, too, so this could well be the last pack you ever have to buy.


  1. The LL Bean we got 3 years ago (the beginning of middle school )is still going strong, but all of a sudden she doesn’t want pink anymore. Seriously? Go figure. Clicking now 🙂

  2. Technically they are all “Trans by Jansport” backpacks, not the original Jansport brand. Trans is also under lifetime guarantee, which is reassuring, but you still have to wonder why they’re cheaper than Jansport. Is it in materials? Workmanship?

    I have 3 Jansport bags and I’m quite loyal to the brand. Still retaining judgment on the special Trans line for Target, though.

  3. I’m also very loyal to Jansport bags. I haven’t tried the Target Trans version, though. I bought our last Jansport through eBags last year.

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