Back to school Threadless cool

By Mir
August 16, 2010

Be still my heart; just in time for back to school, Threadless went and marked their t-shirts down to just $10 apiece. Hooray! My kids love Threadless Ts.

My only quibble (are you listening, Threadless?) is that seem to have recently limited making the larger kids’ sizes. Now, their women’s shirts run a little small, so that’s not a huge deal for my daughter, but the gap between a Kids’ size 8 and a Mens’ X-Small is huge. My son is going to be sad, very soon, when he outgrows the last of his Threadless 12s (only a handful of designs still come in 10 and 12) and can still wear the Mens’ shirts as nightgowns. Alas.

Please note, too, that although Threadless has started expanding their Womens’ choices (tanks and boat necks and v-necks, oh my!), it’s only the conventional Ts that are marked down to $10 this time.


  1. I am pretty sad about the no more 12s. The quality of those shirts was like a bazillion times nicer than the Adult shirts. I can wear a kid 12 but need like an adult (Girlie) extra large. It’s a good thing they are terribly awesome.

  2. I am VERY sad that you can’t seem to combine shopping carts between adults and kids. Which means that I have two shipping charges. boo hiss.

  3. Patricia, I noticed that as I was shopping and then figured out that it doesn’t have to be that way. If you search on kids’ stuff, it puts you in Threadless Kids, with its own cart. BUT once you find something there you want, search for that shirt on the main site and you’ll be able to add the kid size to your main cart. Weird and fussy, I know, but it does work—I placed a single order with both adult and kids sizes that way.

  4. Totally Unrelated…I love both of your blogs. And, do you have any ideas on places to find good deals on “beginner” DSLR cameras? I’m thinking maybe a canon rebel or something like that. Thanks Mir. Keep bringing the good deals.

  5. I love Threadless tees as well, but I have noticed that their shirts shrink in the wash. Hubby has several that he can no longer wear in polite company because they have become belly shirts. Bummer

  6. Love love love love love Threadless. Thanks for the alert to the sale, I just stocked up for me and the BF. I love their shirts, but Claire is right, they shrink. I’d rather pay $10 for a shirt that’ll shrink than $15 or $18

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