Yum yum, portable organics for baby

By Mir
August 18, 2010

When my kids were babies/toddlers I made a lot of my own baby food, just because it’s really not that hard and it saves money. But I always had a little stash of store-bought baby food, anyway, because it was handy to have food in the diaper bag that was shelf-stable. Just in case.

If you do like I used to (or if you buy all ready-made baby food; I don’t judge), but you want to keep baby’s diet organic, check out these discounts on Earth’s Best jarred foods at Amazon:
1st Fruits Starter Kit for $6.79 on Subscribe and Save
2nd Fruits Starter Kit for $7.64 on Subscribe and Save
1st Veggies Starter Kit for $6.79 on Subscribe and Save
2nd Veggies Starter Kit for $7.64 on Subscribe and Save

It’s cheap, it’s delivered to your door for free, and it can be the difference between having something wholesome to feed Baby in a pinch vs. a screaming, hungry banshee (or a baby eating french fries).

And don’t even get me started on how when mine were babies you could only get the organics at the health food store for about $2/jar. From some woman who dressed in hemp and smelled of patchouli.


  1. Hey! Hemp is very comfortable, wears well, and is a low maintenance crop. 🙂 Last summer I made hemp curtains for the house. They look great, and hold up much better to the cats than the cotton ones did.

  2. Thank you, pretty Mir! I like to keep these in the diaper bag, also. With a baby that already has food allergies, it’s so much easier to be prepared with these for the church nursery workers to feed her rather than them giving her whatever they have on hand. (Which by the way, last week was a cookie. For a eight month old. Seriously.)

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