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By Mir
August 23, 2010

Do you like to buy those organic milk boxes for your kids’ lunches, but prefer not to sell a vital organ every time you go to stock up? (“Sorry, honey, we’re out of kidneys.”) Amazon comes to the rescue for those of us who don’t have Costco (because I know someone is going to pipe up with the cost of these at Costco)!

Through September 11, 2010, Amazon is running specials on both Horizon milk boxes and Organic Valley milk boxes (thanks for the heads up, Heidi!). The latter is the slightly better deal, if you don’t have a preference—using the provided coupon codes and Subscribe & Save to maximize your savings, it comes out to about $.93/box (vs. $.99/box for the other).

Me, I’m generally mean and make ’em drink water, but I do like to have a case of these in the pantry to throw in lunches now and then, like on the rare days when I send them in with cookies. Yum.

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  1. Dang. I needed these all summer, when school only provided water. Once school starts, they can drink the milk that comes with school lunches. This is my last week of regularly scheduled bag lunches.

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