Now I’m ready

By Mir
September 1, 2010

How many times have I talked about potentially replacing my (dying) power toothbrush, lately? I think of it, I see a sale, but then I spot something shiny and wander away. Alas.

This is the month I do it, though. Why? Well, because Oral-B is offering 50% off mail-in rebates on a whole bunch of their brushes. And Amazon just happens to have bunches of eligible models available, many already marked down.

And that means it may just finally be toothbrush time. Sure, this deal runs from now until the end of November, but just imagine how many shiny things I could see between now and then. I should probably take care of this now.


  1. I am SO GLAD to read your site! Our toothbrush has been dying a slow and painful death. We didn’t want to pony up the $$, but with this deal it’s really doable! Thanks, Mir. 🙂

  2. Thank you! After getting major dental work done, I was advised to get one…but it was so hard to find the money to put towards it. This takes the sting away some!

  3. So, did you order a new one, or did the shinies get in the way again?

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