A not-so-guilty pleasure

By Mir
September 14, 2010

I have a real weakness for snack food. In fact (much to my kids’ chagrin), I don’t keep much of it in the house, because I am a weak, weak woman. Alas.

What I do buy, I like to be relatively healthy. But I’m not ready to give up chips, not entirely. One of my favorite brands is FoodShouldTasteGood, which is a ridiculous name but a delicious product, I swear. They’re gluten-free, natural, and made with real food (and fabulous flavors). But I need to find ’em on sale, so this current special at Amazon totally fits the bill. Save 15% and get free shipping when you buy via Subscribe & Save, plus save another 20% with code GOODFOOD. And they’re already marked down!

Hmmm. I’m noticing the S&S option isn’t showing up for many of these. (Amazon, really. Get it together.) But even with just 20% off, most of the flavors in the larger bags end up at a little over $2/bag, which is less than half what they cost at my supermarket.


  1. The olive is delish.

  2. This is so great!!! Every week I buy a couple bags of Multigrain for my husband and I that I have to hide in the back of the pantry because they cost too much for my kids to devour. At less than $2 a bag though, I can finally share these (relatively) healthy chips with my boys 🙂 Thanks!

  3. The sweet potato tortilla chips are SO good! There is a $1 manufacturers coupon floating around on the web. Oftentimes when there is a coupon around, Amazon will post one. It might be worth it to check your coupons on Amazon. Can’t hurt, right?

  4. They now have chocolate ones… (and I totally agree about the olive)

  5. I like how they list “new and used” prices for these. I am all about the bargain and I love these chips, but EVEN I HAVE MY LIMITS, AMAZON! 🙂

    I like Multigrain, but I buy them at Costco and I don’t think they cost more than this …

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