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By Mir
September 16, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m trying very hard to break the paper towel habit (with old dishtowels, cloth diapers, etc.), but there are some messes I would really rather just pick up and throw away. (I will not detail them here. Use your imagination.) And because I’m using fewer paper towels, I maintain my allegiance to Bounty as the best paper towel, and justify the cost because I don’t buy a lot of them.

Well. Right now you can get 12 huge rolls of Bounty (the equivalent of 30 regular rolls) shipped from Amazon for a grand total of just under $20. Use coupon code PAPER9IO to save 15%, then purchase via Subscribe & Save for another 15% off and free shipping.

At my current rate of consumption, those 12 rolls may last me for two years. And I’m okay with that.


  1. The link doesn’t work for me. Am I looking for the ones that start out at $28.47 and end up at $19.95 or am I looking for a deal that starts out at $20 and goes down in price from there?

  2. It’s totally frustrating that Amazon is so schizophrenic with their pricing; like the previous poster the price had gone up for me as well. :sigh: I guess I’ll just keep trying it and see if they decide to feel generous again later today.

  3. Looks like it’s now defaulting to a different seller; you can still order via Amazon and use the 15% off coupon, but because it’s no longer in immediate stock, you can’t do the S&S option. Phooey.

  4. well, I got in about 7:30am est on this deal, at that time it was listed at the $28.49, but it took off $4.27 twice, once for the coupon and once for S&S . . .
    hope it starts working again!

  5. Kleenex Viva are THE BEST paper towels. You probably shouldn’t try them, ’cause you’ll love them and they’re more expensive than Bounty.

  6. I’m happy using old washcloths for cleaning up just about everything– but if it comes out of my dog, it’s paper towels to the rescue!

  7. Agree about Viva, I was thinking the same thing when I read this post LOL. Cheap trumps all, of course 😉

  8. I don’t know…it’s cheaper and probably better for the environment to use cloth over paper; however, ever since I becamse ServSafe certified, I just can’t use dish towels. I let everything air dry and use paper towels for our hands. Maybe it evens out because I’m now not using the water & electricity to wash and dry the cloth towels (or maybe that’s just what I need to tell myself).

    Either way, I got in at the $28.49 with the $4.29 coming off twice…it’s a great deal. Thanks again!

  9. Okay, I was coming on here to tout the wonderfulness of Viva paper towels as well. We try to use cloth towels for most things, too, but nothing beats Viva for those “oh, look … something gross I need to mop up” moments. My grandmother was a Viva fan, but my mom was a “whatever is cheapest” person. It didn’t take me long on my own to realize that Viva was where it is at for paper towels, and I easily converted my husband when we got married.

    I’m ecstatic (okay, not really, since it’s just paper towels) that others came to comment the same thing. Maybe we need to start a “Buy Viva! It’s great!” club and try to indoctrinate Mir…

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