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By Mir
September 18, 2010
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Goood morning! Were you woken up by a dog licking out your sinus cavities this morning? No? Just me? That’s okay. I hear you can start your day without that, though I barely remember what it’s like….

Let’s see what’s on tap for today.

The current Lightning Deal at Amazon is a cool looking karaoke machine where you can dock your iPod. What better way to let your children amuse themselves (and the rest of the neighborhood) for hours on end? Exactly. (Ooooh, another Amazon goodie: Need a few Mead composition books? At $.61 apiece you can use ’em for order filler or just stock up for the rest of your kids’ academic career.)

Need razors? Right now at they’re running a 50% off special on Gillette products, for up to $15 max total off your purchase. Just make your selections (those Mach3 razors my husband uses are expensive!) and then enter code GILLETTE50 in the promotions box at checkout to get the savings. I don’t think you can stack that with code WANT4631 for 20% off your entire first order, but if you haven’t ordered before and if you’re not buying Gillette stuff, they recently bumped that coupon from 15% off to 20% off, so there you go.

Today’s top deal at is dresses for under $50, to go with the shoes you’ve been buying lately. Heh. Plenty of shoe deals on tap there, too.

Do you wear contact lenses? We have a Want Not mole at 1800Contacts—they’re running a contest where they’re giving away free contacts for life to a lucky winner every day. Just click right here, enter your information, and cross your fingers. (Disclosure: That’s an employee referral link because apparently they’re also having a competition to see which employee can send the most folks to the contest. Just doing my part to help.) You bet I entered my daughter’s info there and crossed my fingers for a free year of lenses!

If you’re serious about your winter fleece, go check out the fleece sale at EMS, where everything’s already marked down and then drops another 20% in your cart. Nice stuff if you live in a frozen climate.

This weekend you can shop Macy’s and use coupon code SAVEMORE to take an additional 10% or 15% off of just about everything, on top of their weekend sale prices.

Don’t forget to check out your local Groupon every day! And don’t forget about those sneaky online deals you might find in another city—today if you check out the deal in Bakersfield, it’s $127 worth of gallery-quality Canvas On Demand photo reproduction for just $45. (This makes an incredible gift, particularly for grandparents. Trust me. My mother-in-law has a canvas of all the grandkids in matching Christmas jammies and it’s pretty darn awesome.)

That should keep you busy for a little while, yes? And I think we’ll have a little contest later on today. Just because.

Pssst! Have you read about Save Up ’10 and voted for Want Not so that I can learn even more ways to save you money? Every click helps!


  1. I hope we can vote multiple times because every time I see you post a line I have been clicking…

  2. Thanks for deal. I just got 12 razor refills for 16.99 shipped. So much cheaper than what I normally pay for them. However, the Gillette code can’t be applied with other offers so I’ll have to wait to use that code from want not.

  3. Grrr. They seem to have pulled the code, or at least I can’t get it to work at 5 p.m. PDT.

  4. I can’t get the Gillette code to work either. So frustrating after working to build the cart to the free shipping threshold!

  5. has had a couple of promotions lately that were pulled without warning. 🙁 Sorry, folks. Congrats to those who got in on the deal!

  6. I used the Gillette code at 2:30pm and it worked fine. Was VERY happy to get such a good price on razor blade refills!

  7. I missed the gillette one too, and now the WANT4631 isnt working. Boo 🙁

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