Coffee and shoes, breakfast of champions

By Mir
September 21, 2010

I get up earlier than everyone else in the house, mostly because I am cranky in the morning and I need some time to wake up before I have to deal with other people. And partly because it gives me plenty of time to shop for shoes before anyone says, “More shoes? Don’t you have enough shoes??” (Answer: I do not understand this phrase, “enough shoes.” The words are English, and yet the meaning totally eludes me.)

Today I’m having Organic Guatemalan Roast and a 25% off sale at Piperlime. For one day only (today, September 21st), code 25SPREE takes 25% off your order, and of course shipping is free. Works on everything but giftcards and a handful of excluded brands, and is guaranteed to make your Tuesday 25% more shoetastic.

Pssst! Have you read about Save Up ’10 and voted for Want Not so that I can learn even more ways to save you money? Every click helps!


  1. Do you use a regular coffee maker or those weird K-Cup deals that Amazon has a neverending supply of?

  2. Erika, I own a Senseo (pod brewer) that I used almost exclusively until I lured my husband over to the dark side, and now we use a Cuisinart programmable coffeemaker. It’s lovely because I get up in the morning and voila! there is already coffee made. A thing of beauty!

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