C is for cookie

By Mir
September 23, 2010

Okay. Generally I shy away from highly processed foods. Usually I eschew individually-packaged items, preferring instead to save money and packaging to just break things up for lunchboxes on my own.

That said: The thing I have missed the most, since giving up wheat? Oreos. There is nothing that compared to an Oreo, man. Nothing.

So if I was a super-nice mom, I might go ahead and pick up this 48-pack of single-serving Oreo packs from Amazon, because right now it’s just $12.89 shipped when you buy via Subscribe & Save. that’s 48 happy school lunches for just under $.27 apiece.

Lots of packaging? Yes. Probably not very healthy? Yes. But Oreos? Oh, yes, pleeeeeeease.

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  1. The link is now going to an alternate seller, and if you look to the right under “more buying choices” you can get a good deal from amazon, but it looks like amazon may have yanked the subscribe and save option…right after I tried to subscribe. Figures. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Although even without subscribe and save, it’s still about $0.31 per individual pack. Hmmmm…tempted….only a little more than a pudding cup, and way better!

  3. I can’t find it either…

  4. These would make you super-cool on Halloween, too.

  5. I’m so tempted, but I’m calling it grumpiness due to work stress. Of course, fighting work stress with oreos is a good strategy. I think.

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