For my gluten-free friends

By Mir
September 26, 2010

Need to stop up on gluten-free flour? I’m a big fan of Pamela’s Baking Mix, but sometimes I just need plain flour for a recipe. So I’m doing a little happy dance that right now I can snag some Bob’s Red Mill Rice Flour on the cheap at Amazon—the Organic Brown Rice Flour is just $9.37 shipped (when you buy via Subscribe & Save) for 4 24-oz packages, and the Organic White Rice Flour is $9.71 shipped for the same amount.

If you can eat wheat, I’m happy for you. If you can’t, these are great prices on quality flours. The white rice flour in particular doesn’t have that oh-this-is-gritty-it-must-be-gluten-free thing going on. I’m off to buy some right now.


  1. Do you use these Mir? Do they work as a replacement for flour? (really)

  2. Oooh, great deal! That’s even cheaper than I’ve been getting the non-organic. I cleaned out my cabinets and organized my gf flours yesterday, so I’m ready to stock up!

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