Possibly the mack daddy of GPS units

By Mir
September 27, 2010

Been holding out for the GPS unit that’s all that, a bag of chips, and an ice cream cone? (Wait. You know that’s a metaphor, right? It would be complicated—not to mention messy—if your GPS was made of ice cream.) Today’s Amazon Gold Box may hold the key to all of your GPS dreams: It’s a widescreen Magellan Roadmate with lifetime maps and traffic.

The lifetime maps mean you’ll never pay for an upgrade, and it’ll always stay current, no matter how much construction goes on. The traffic alerts mean added information in metro areas. And of course it’s got all of the features you want in a GPS—spoken street names, multi-destination routing, etc.—and the giant 5-inch touch screen means it’s perfect even in a larger vehicle like a truck. (Or it’s perfect for your favorite elderly driver who is a little worried that “that contraption” is going to be too complicated.)

The Gold Box price means that today you get it all for $150 shipped, even though ordinarily, the version without the maps is $200. Nice.


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