Just, please, don’t call them booties

By Mir
October 6, 2010

Today’s featured deal at 6pm.com is up to 75% off on ankle boots. Which I love.

What I do not love is when grown women talk about wearing booties. Booties are adorable, wee shoes that go on babies. Occasionally, booties also get worn over your shoes, say, in an operating room, or when the cable guy is nice enough to not want to track mud through your house.

But what’s on sale right now at 6pm is ankle boots. Amen and hallelujah.


  1. Seriously? Women call them booties? That is so WRONG.

  2. I thought they were called shoebooties which has a doo wop feel to it.

  3. Em, there’s also something people insist on calling a “shootie,” and I prefer to believe that item doesn’t exist at all, by any name. Lalalalala!

  4. I’m definitely showing my age here – boots, booties, ankle boots, shooties, WHATEVER: none of them should have peep toes.

    And you kids need to get off my lawn!

  5. Umm…. Okay, I see that ankle boots shouldn’t be called booties, but there are booties for women – bootie slippers. They keep your feet warm in winter right up past your ankles.

    Or should I be calling them ankle slippers?

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