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By Mir
October 9, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Aaaaahhhhh, Saturday! I love you. Please marry me. I’m sure my husband will only mind a little bit. All’s fair in love and sleeping in, after all.

Let’s see what today holds for us. (And by “holds for us,” I of course mean “has in the way of bargains you can totally justify.”)

I have been eyeing this Pure Komachi 2 knife set for a while, and today if you buy it directly from Amazon it’s just $50. Great reviews, though I’m still trying to decide what it says about me if I buy a rainbow of knives instead of something more serious-looking.

Did you know that it’s Overstocktober? It totally is! Screaming deals every day, plus chances to win and specials all month long. Today’s deals include a couple of GPS bargains, but there’s goodies all over the site. (Related, kind of: It’s also Crocktober! Yay for a new crock recipe every day this month!)

Today is Old Navy’s 16th birthday! Can you believe it? Now it’s old enough to drive and say “You’re not the boss of me!” with true conviction. To celebrate, they’re offering all sorts of things for just $16 each, plus free shipping when you spend $50+ (use code ONSHIP50). Meanwhile, Gap is offering 30% off most outerwear, and offering free shipping on $50 with code GAPSHIP50. As the two stores share a cart, I’m not entirely sure what happens if you try to combine those two offers. Possibly a rift in the space-time continuum. Worth a try, though, right?

In honor of Columbus Day, all kinds of stuff is 50% off at Children’s Place, including Halloween costumes! Plus you can use coupon code SORRY to save an additional 20%. Which is kind of crazy.

I’m not looking at 6pm. Not looking. Not looking. Okay, maybe just with one eye. (They’ve got a rare men’s shoe event going on, as well as brands like Ugg and Fitzwell in the spotlight. I’m only human, people.)

Don’t forget to scope out your local Groupon deal for today, or just waltz on over to the San Antonio Groupon to snag $30 to Blonde Birdie for just $15! Their stuff is adorable! (Look in the sidebar after you click through for this deal—it’s in kind of tiny print.)

I’m in the mood for something kind of Halloween-y (it’s coming up, you know), so I think we’ll have a very spooky contest later today. Be sure to check back!


  1. wow, i think i might be in love with the blonde birdie now. their “no coffee, no workee” mug made me giggle.

  2. Must. not. look. at. Children’s Place.

  3. I love those knives! Sadly I don’t need them but they are tempting me anyway.

  4. Am I interpreting the Children’s Place sale coupon correctly? In order to qualify for a Columbus Day coupon we must apologize for his actions?

  5. Hahahaha, no, Bonnie. The sale is already on (via markdowns). There just happens to be a rather unfortunately-named code available right now to save another 20%. 😉

  6. Bonnie, that’s awesome.

  7. The “SORRY” code is available because their website was down for an extended period of time this week. I got a note in my email (not that I ever shop there, and need a “personal” note or anything…)

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