Well that didn’t take long

By Mir
October 11, 2010

Um, wasn’t it just last week when I was talking about the Wii and talking about how you kids today have it so easy, because back when I got my Wii it was $240 everywhere and never went on sale, but now it’s just $199 with tons more stuff than mine came with, and y’ll should be grateful?

Well, okay, I may have worded it a little differently. Anyway, the point is that I thought $199 for the Wii was pretty sweet.

Except now the Wii console with Wii Sports Resort is down to just $175 at Amazon, and I am torn between believing this is your best possible pre-holiday deal and wondering if Black Friday will bring us an even lower price. I really don’t know; certainly the console shortage of years past doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore.

I don’t envy anyone trying to decide whether to buy now or wait. But man, $175. That’s nice.


  1. Ours is starting to give way under steady use, and I’m hoping to replace it for a very nice price!

  2. Mir, I was just coming here today to ask about Wii’s and what we need etc. I just snatched this one up along with another wii motion thing and a nunchuck. Perfect for us! THanks so much 🙂


  3. Thanks Mir! Thanks for the original post in response to my question and for this update!

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