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By Mir
October 11, 2010

Long-time Want Not readers know that I never skip an opportunity to link you up to one of my very favorite sites, Will It Blender?. If you’ve never been there, I apologize for your wasted morning—you can spend a lot of time there watching various household items be pulverized into dust by a Blendtec blender.

I mention this today because Amazon has the Blendtec Home blender available today for $305. Look; I know it’s crazy. I know. The idea of spending that much on a blender makes me break out in hives, but on the other hand, I use my blender every day and have been buying a new one every couple of years because “regular” blenders just don’t hold up to that kind of wear and tear the way to Blendtec or a Vitamix will.

So, um, I’m just letting you know about this deal. Even though I know it’s still a crazy price for a blender. It’s a crazy price for a blender, but actually a crazy good price for a Blendtec.

P.S. This would make a lovely holiday gift for your favorite smoothie-addicted blogger if you happen to be independently wealthy. Just sayin’.


  1. Save the Bic one for last, that’s like the awesome finale in my eyes.

    However, I’m holding out for when they invent the self-cleaning blender. 😉

  2. Even my five-year old know that “Will it blend?” … THAT is the question. Go Blendtec!

  3. Look for a reconditioned Vita-Mix. Once I realized that I had spent more replacing blenders than I would have spent on a VM, I bit the bullet and bought the VM. Not only will it last forever (7 year warranty), but it outperforms every other high-end blender I tried to use. I even make yogurt in mine — 4 cups of milk takes 12 minutes to heat up to 185° with the VM on high.

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