This is the good stuff

By Mir
October 14, 2010

There’s the chocolate you give the kids, and then the chocolate you keep for yourself. Preferably on a high shelf, hidden.

Today Amazon has a 24-pack of 3 oz Scharffen Berger bars available for $19.46—that’s just over $.80/bar for chocolate that normally costs $4/bar. I don’t know why this is marked down, but I do know this is going to sell out very quickly.


  1. What a steal – purchased! Thanks!

  2. No fair! I put it in my cart and just as I was checking out it suddenly became unavailable! Amazon drives me crazy with their schizophrenic pricing!!!

  3. GAH! Foiled!

  4. Gone! And I sure could use a stash of good chocolate!

  5. So bummed I missed this one!

  6. Wah!!! I want it!!! Stupid Amazon.

  7. LOL…should I be concerned that if you click on the link, the third item listed in the suggestions is Elmer’s glue sticks?

  8. Sh: I added this to my cart. I’ll give them as gifts. Oh, okay, I’m keeping one for me, too.

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