Hey hey, Friday

By Mir
October 15, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Goooood morning! The sun is shining, the birds are singing— wait. Hang on. The sun is actually not shining, not yet, because it’s still dark out. Huh. Well, I guess this is just a case of having faith that it will be shining later. Look at me, I’m an optimist!

Maybe I should just stick to the deals.

Over at Children’s Place, they’ve marked the final Fall Clearance items down to just $4.99 apiece. Coupon code SORRY is still working for 20% off, too.

The only thing I can find that might be worth buying in today’s Amazon Friday Sale is this 2-pack of Barefoot Contessa Ultimate Chocolate Cake and Buttercream Frosting Mix. Now, even after Subscribe & Save it’s still $16.15 for two complete cakes, which feels like a lot for boxed mix, but I believe in Ina Garten’s ability to turn food into magic, so I just may bite on this one. (Get it, bite? Ha!) (And no, obviously this is not gluten-free. I would just buy it for my family and watching them eat it. And maybe cry a little.)

Also at Amazon, you can pre-order the entire Shrek Collection on Blu-ray for $45, if that’s your sort of thing. The price is already well below suggested retail, plus if it goes any lower before release, you’ll get the lower price. And you get a $4 on-demand video credit with purchase. Or if you give your kids Flintstones vitamins, check out that 3-pack; it’s just under $7 from Amazon (look in the “More Buying Choices” column).

Shuffle off to the Buffalo Groupon (it’s a side deal—look in the right sidebar) to scoop up $40 to Igourmet if you missed this deal the last time. (Two words, people: Cheese. Wheel.)

Got reusable bottles? Buy.com has a 2-pack of stainless steel eco-canteens for just $10 shipped, today. (As much as I love our Siggs, I wish I’d held out for wide-mouthed bottles like these so that we could add ice easily.)

And finally, winter boots are up to 70% off today at 6pm.com, which is almost enough to make me wish I still lived in New England. Ahahahahaha! No, it doesn’t. Sorry.

This afternoon I will have Lee jeans winners for you, and who knows what else. Come on back!


  1. Great deal on the vitamins, thank you! Looks like there are only a few left now…

  2. Buy.com has a Wii Remote and Nunchuk for $24.99 w/ free shipping. Don’t really know if that’s a good price, but I’m sure Mir knows!

  3. Curls, I think you mean this set, though it doesn’t have the Motion Plus adapter. I also see this black set with for just $20 shipped, but the reviews are mixed.

  4. The Eco water bottles had some scary reviews when they were a WOOT a few weeks ago. I’ll stick with my Kleen Kanteens, also available at LL Bean (I think some are on the clearance page).

  5. 6pm has the $400 Sorel 1964 Pac Premium boots I’ve been coveting for over a year for 63% off. And I’m on a very tight budget. I’m weeping here.

  6. Ina Garten’s mixes are FAB. Worth the money, but my backside is begging me NOT to indulge.

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