Here, kid—have some energy

By Mir
October 19, 2010

You know I’m a fan of homemade over pre-packaged, but sometimes you need to be able to grab and go. So how about a 24-pack of Clif Kids Organic ZBars for just over $10 shipped? Sounds like the price is right to me, and with three yummy varieties, no HFCS or yucky stuff, and coming out to about $.42/bar, I’m all over this one.

Buy via Subscribe & Save to get the cheaper price and free shipping. And then whatever you do, don’t taste them yourself. If the reviews are any indication, you might end up hiding them from your kids. Heh.


  1. My kids LOVE these bars! Thanks Mir!

  2. Got it! My son loves these for on-the-go snacks. Thanks!

  3. I am always looking for snacks to put in the car. These are perfect!
    Thanks Mir!

  4. My family LOVES these. I usually only get them for when we are traveling on an airplane or while on vacation, like hiking this summer in Denali. We have no upcoming vacation plans, but maybe I will be nice and have them in the house just because…….they are so cheap!

  5. I’ve been looking for stuff to toss in my son’s lunch for his morning snack at school. This looks like it’ll fit the bill nicely. Thanks, Mir!

  6. As always, thanks a bunch!

  7. And they’re not just for kids! Thanks Mir!

  8. oh man, we love these things! i usually get them at sam’s club (for $13!), but they haven’t had them in stock the last couple of times we’ve gone. the kids have been asking for them for a long while. i’m going to be a hero — thanks, mir!

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