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By Mir
October 19, 2010

Old Navy‘s been playing pretty fast and loose with the coupons lately, but I’m not complaining. Even though their splash page today features humans instead of mannequins, but those humans have been made up to look almost as creepy as the creepy mannequins. Ahem.

Anyway, you have until Thursday (October 21st) to use coupon code ONSTYLE25 to take 25% off your entire order, regardless of size. It should work on everything except “Everyday Steal,” which means it works on sale and clearance, too.

And who else is going to support my plain t-shirt habit for so little money? That’s right.


  1. Any suggestions on which t-shirts are actually sturdy enough to be worn on their own, rather than having to be under something else? Everything I’ve found from them recently are designed to be layered, so they’re insanely thin.

  2. Beth, I’m a huge fan of the Perfect Fit tees—very sturdy (unlike the tissue-weight ones), nice fit, reasonable longevity.

  3. Just thought I’d share if you go into the store and use your old navy card you get a free kid item with every adult item you buy. Good till the 21st I believe.

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