Yummy Earth for the grownups

By Mir
October 21, 2010

You know how every time there’s a deal on Yummy Earth lollipops at Amazon I’m all excited, because they don’t have any yucky additives and I can very nearly feel good about feeding my kids candy? Well, the truth is that when I buy one of those giant bags of pops I sneak the pomegranate ones sometimes. Or the mango ones. Or really, any flavor. (They’re good!)

But today I’m positively swooning—check out the Yummy Earth Organic Hot Chili Pops. These are not your kids’ lollipops; chili is mixed with either lime or mango to make an addictive, much more grown-up flavor (if the reviews are to be believed). It’s marked marked at $11.72, but save 20% with coupon code SEPYUMMY and then buy via Subscribe & Save to save another 15% and get free shipping.

Six packages of organic lollies for $7.61 shipped, and there’s not even any danger that I’ll have to share with my kids. They don’t like spicy things. (Insert evil cackle here.)


  1. I have to admit, I don’t love these! I bought a bag for fun, but neither my son nor I had more than a few licks before we threw them away, and we both love spicy things! Could be a good practical joke though.

  2. I am cracking up laughing because when i went to order them they had “2 used” as an option! I think they should reword that- I have no intention of buying used lollipops!!!!!!!!

  3. Mmm, there’s lollipops like that at the local Mexican stores. My favorite is a cucumber lollipop you dip in a chili-lime mixture. I’m still undecided on the chicken-pops though.

  4. Brigitte, you just squashed my appetite for candy with the mention of chicken lollipops. Eeuuurrrghhhh! and all kinds of other sounds of horror. Thank you! (for reals)

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