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By Mir
November 3, 2010

Short on toilet paper? (Please insert your own potty humor here. I am abstaining, because I’m mature. Ha.) Right now you can get 48 double rolls of Cottonelle Ultra from Amazon for $23 shipped. That’s kind of crazy for premium TP.

(Please insert another joke here. Just for balance.)


  1. In my house, potty jokes are apparently *not* optional. Oh, sometimes, how I wish they were…

  2. Also? I find it sort of a double standard that a person can get diapers via Subscribe and Save, but not toilet paper.

  3. And may I say that I am jealous of all of you who have enough space to store that many rolls of toilet paper!

  4. I got some and was tickled when it asked me if this would be a gift. That’s worse than giving an unwanted vacuum!

  5. In the midst of placing my order, the price changed to $47. 🙁

  6. Lower price is gone.

  7. It’s back to $47!

  8. get this one instead then, use link on right to purchase from Amazon

  9. I got it, but I feel really weird about ordering TP on the internet!

  10. The Cottonelle with Aloe was on Subscribe and Save and I ended up getting it for 20.50 shipped. Awesome deal.

  11. I was bummed that the original deal went back up in price – thanks gretchen for the alert on the Aloe kind. I loooooooove Cottonelle, but in budget-tight days, we don’t get it. Now I will have it for months! Can’t wait to see how big the box is that it gets shipped in! Wonder if they will still use the brown paper for padding. 🙂

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