Pittsburgh, I like you better now

By Mir
November 4, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Oh, it’s not that I had anything against Pittsburgh, you understand. I just didn’t feel one way or the other about Pittsburgh. Neutral. But then I saw that today’s sidebar Pittsburgh Groupon is $60 worth of custom photo books from Blurb and I was all, “Pittsburgh, you’re all right.” Because that’s $40 of free stuff from one of my favorite photo book sites, and that’s awesome.

(Okay, Groupon itself is kind of awesome, too. Heh.)


  1. I’m surprised, being a big tea kind of gal, that you didn’t mention the Tea District deal also in Pittsburgh?

  2. LOVE Blurb.

  3. I think I’ve highlighted that tea deal before, Pat, but yes, that’s a good one, too! 🙂

  4. For those of you who have family blogs, Blurb isn’t just for photo books like other sites do. They will import your blog, pictures and all, and you change the formatting for all the pages the way you like, then it’s like a real book. This is all we have for baby books for our kids.

  5. How could you possibly be neutral about Pittsburgh? It has MEEEEE.


    P.S. There’s a Build-a-Bear Groupon floating around somewhere today. Not Pittsburgh.

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