Something’s fishy

By Mir
November 4, 2010

Now that I’m gluten-free (“New and improved Mir—now 100% gluten-free!”), I have to be very careful about lots of foods I’d never really thought about before. Like canned soup; most canned soup has flour in it. So weird.

Granted, I almost always make my own soup, anyway, but it sure was handy to be able to grab a can from the pantry on a busy day, y’know? Thank goodness there are a few brands I can still buy, though they tend to be pretty pricey.

Anyway! I can no longer purchase Bar Harbor’s chowders and bisques, which makes me sad, because they make the greatest canned clam chowder and crab bisque I’ve ever had. Heavenly. Tastes-like-homemade kind of heavenly. If you’re gluten-free, step away, but if you’re not, check out the current Amazon special on Bar Harbor—everything is already marked down, and then you’ll get another 30% off when you combine coupon code BARHARB7 (15% off) and purchasing via Subscribe & Save (another 15% off, plus free shipping). If you enjoy fish chowders and bisques, hop on this one. It works out to under $2/can and these sell for about $5/can at the supermarket.

All-natural ingredients, no MSG. Yay! And also wheat flour. Boo.


  1. Is anyone able to get the Crab Bisque on Subscribe & Save?

  2. I’m thinking you already know this, but just in case…
    progresso’s clam chowder (general mills) is GF and clearly labeled as such.


  3. Wait, wait, wait. Mir AND Stephanie O’Dea on the same webpage??? Now we just need Swistle and Sundry and we’ll have a rockin’ party! …With or without gluten.

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