Hunt down the monsters

By Mir
November 8, 2010

I know nothing at all about this game other than the buzz I’ve seen online, but all of the buzz I’ve seen online basically boils down to ZOMG THIS IS SO TOTALLY AWESOME DUDE. Which… well, take it as you will. But! Amazon currently has the Monster Hunter Tri Classic Controller Bundle for the Wii available for just $30.

This is a pretty great deal even if you really just want the controller, but the game has phenomenal reviews. (Just bear in mind that it’s rated T; this is not a kiddie game.)

Me, I may just buy it because the cover art looks a lot like what I look like in the morning before my coffee….


  1. Over already? Showing $49.99. Silly Amazon.

  2. I was wondering that, too. I get the $49 price as well.

  3. Priced at $50. Couldn’t find the $30 price. Bummer.

  4. $49.99 for me too, they must’ve caught this one really quick.

  5. What is the Z in ZOMG? Zoinks?

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