Groupon now feeding my Lands’ End addiction

By Mir
November 9, 2010

Oh, dear. Today’s Madison Groupon is $30 for $60 worth of merchandise from Lands’ End Canvas.

Half off the most stylish products Lands’ End has to offer? I’m in trouble. Especially because this deal isn’t limited to one per person—you can buy two.

If you can resist this one, you’re stronger than I am.


  1. Seriously awesome. The only question is-should I buy one or two?! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Elz, no question – TWO! 🙂

  3. now, one or two, decisions decisions.

  4. 2! Whoop!

  5. So, Land’s End CANVAS….does that pretty much mean beach/tote bags? What else do they have that falls into the canvas category? I got a huge beach bag from them this summer for under $10 at the NQP store.

  6. Got it! It expires Jan 9, so I may wait (if I can) for after Christmas sale.

  7. @Holly: Lands’ End Canvas is NOT tote bags. It’s their new line of clothes aimed at the younger demographic. Sort of Old Navy-esque, I would say.

  8. Angela,

    Actually the exact same merchandise as the “regular” Land’s End site and catalog — different marketing campaign.

    Love it!

  9. Really? Huh. Guess I learned something today! 🙂

  10. I finally found a Groupon deal I couldn’t resist and bought my first deal. Hope I don’t get tempted by tooooo many of these this holiday season!

  11. Mir, do I have to live in Madison to take advantage of it? Sorry, I’m not that savvy to the Groupon thing. I have only used it to buy a museum membership here in Atlanta, but I see cool ones from other places talked about on the net all the time.

  12. I can usually resist the Groupon, but this is just too good. Do you know if you can use these with coupon codes too?

  13. Becky: Online Groupons can be bought and used anywhere. (Meaning, it’s for an online store, your location is irrelevant.)

    Michelle: I’m not sure, but I’m guessing yes, because I’ve shopped Lands’ End with both a coupon and a gift card, before, and I bet this Groupon will work like a gift card.

  14. JC, it’s a totally different line from the regular Lands’ End — and sales at both do not cross over. It’s MUCH younger — like the Gap used to be, before the Gap became targeted towards fetuses.

    We have a Lands’ End Canvas store in our Sears, and it’s far different from the regular Lands’ End, and it’s even managed and run by a totally different crew.

  15. Oh, and wait — to clarify, most REGULAR Lands End coupons will NOT work in conjunction with a deal for Lands End Canvas. They are typically VERY SPECIFIC in their language that it excludes the Canvas line.

    So no, I wouldn’t expect to be able to use this with the Lands End coupons we all get. Canvas rarely sends out coupons of their own.

  16. I was all ready to click buy, but seriously? The sizes seem to dead end at 14. Sorry, size 16 butt. Bummer. (only minor puns intended)

  17. Thanks for the info, Mir. I went ahead and got two of these. BTW, for those who are new to this line, it is really nice quality. I’ve gotten several pieces: a dress, cardigans, shorts, and tees. The styling is much younger, which is great if you like LE quality but feel it can get a little “mom jeans.”

  18. Booo! Bought two and noticed that they are entered as promo codes – and it looks like you can only use one per checkout. So no promo code combos, and if you’re like me, and bought two, you can only use one per check out – which means paying for shipping twice. 🙁

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